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Our mission is to create an awareness in the people to understand about conservation of forest, biological importance and to study about floar and fauna There are several areas suitable for trekking like Topslip, Parambikulam, Chinnar, Amaravathi and Valparai. It is a wonderful journey into the woods lovely, dark and deep where we discover the architectural beauty of nature. The trekking locations fulfills your yearn for the exhilarating sense of adventure as they are enchanting and awe-striking. During the trekking program we help you throw all your cares to the wind and indulge in your every whim and fancy of trekking along with two forest guards who accompany us for protection and guidance. It is really going to be a life-time experience.

Things to carry


Backpack to carry your personal belongings


Trekking shoes with good grip & two pairs of socks (it's optional if you have floaters with good grip)


Dress change for 2 days along(Light colors preferable, avoid jeans) & few plastic covers to keep wet cloths.(It might Rain)


Water Bottle minimum (2 liters)


Personal medicines if you use any (General first aid would be with host)


Raincoat (optional in case of rains)


Carry Identification card.- Govt recognized one

Safety Dress

Weather Jacket (It’ll get cold at night)


Food/Snacks:dry fruits, energy bars, dates, cashew,citrus fruits,etc.


Insect or mosquito repellent

Skin Care

Carry sunscreen and other skin care proucts

Safety Lights

Carry emergency torch lights and other lighting materials