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Social Activities
  Social Work I
  Social Work II
  Social Work III
  Social Work IV
  Social Work V
  Social Work VI


  Tea Factory Visit
  Coir Factory Visit
  Organic Farm Visit

Adventure Activities

  Rock Climbing
  River Crossing
  Zip Line
  Parallel Walk
  Two line Bridge
  Tent Pitching
  Mud Bath
  Assembling Furniture
  Horse Riding
  Bullock Cart Ride
  Milking The Cow
  Roaster Catching
  Cycling into the County
  Biking in the Hills
  Jeep Safari
  Bird Watching & Photography
  Jacuzzi Bath
  Crocodile Farm

Team Building Activity

  Name Game
  The Train
  Rum Sum Sum
  Step Dance
  Human Knot
  Blind Square
  Magic Turtle
  Bull Ring
  Marble Shooting
  Pass in the Ball
  Pyramid Building
  News Paper
  Baloon Relay
  Shoes Relay
  Key Punch
  Coin Hunt
  Trust Fall
  Mission Impossible
  Tag Go Far
  Group Skip
  Pass The Sling

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