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Community Service

People Gain the most from their community service projects when they volunteer their time to help people that they have never interacted with before. This direct contact allows people to see life from a different perspective and reevaluate their opnions of others.

Many young people who get involved in community service come out with a better rounded worldview. Another benefit in participating in community service is a greater understanding and appreciation for diversity. Appreciating other cultures and breaking down stereotypes is important to becoming a responsible citizen and better person. By participating in a community service project where interaction is required, personal relationships can begin to grow. These personal relationships help people have informal and consistent interactions that through time, often breakdown negative stereotypes. These relationships can also facilitate more opinions and viewpoints surrounding various topics that help participants to grow in diversity.

Social Work I

  • Health and Sanitation awareness
  • To conduct awareness campaigns in the selected tribal hamlet for men, women, youth and children under the guidance of Government Allopathic and Siddha Medical Practitioners.
  • Providing free health checkups and medicines.

Social Work II

  • Clean green campaign
  • Working with the tribes in White washing and painting the selected Government school in the tribal settlement.
  • Working with the tribes in cleaning the school premises.
  • Donating a water filter to the tribal school to ensure pure and safe drinking water to the tribal students.

Social Work III

  • Educating tribes about spreading of communicable diseases among domestic animals and cattle rearing practices.
  • Free health checkup to the domestic animals with the help of Government Veterinary doctor.
  • Creating awareness among the tribes to overcome various communicable diseases in poultry and cattle’s.

Social Work IV

  • Role of tribes as buffer in man animal conflict and conserving forest resources
  • To emphasize the role of native tribes and their bonding with the wild animals to prevent man animal conflicts.
  • Discussion with the tribal head about endangered and rare species of flora and fauna in the forest.

Social Work V
  • Interactive session with tribes regarding awareness about tribal welfare schemes framed by the government time to time
  • To create awareness among tribes about e- governance.
  • To explain the steps taken by the government to abolish bonded labor among tribes and plantation workers.
  • To highlight the importance of Self Help Groups among tribal women and marketing of forest products like gum, resin and honey to the nearby local market.
  • To create awareness among tribal youth regarding educational policies, job opportunities and reservations in public and private sectors.
  • To create awareness among tribes on anti-poaching activities and felling of trees.

Social Work VI

  • Recognition of “self “and developing empathy among students
  • Donating sports equipment’s to youth in tribal hamlet.
  • To donate stationary items for tribal students.
  • To distribute blankets for old people in the tribal settlement.
  • To provide sanitary napkins for tribal women.
  • To create awareness about Learning Disabilities among tribal students.

Things to carry


Backpack to carry your personal belongings


Trekking shoes with good grip & two pairs of socks (it's optional if you have floaters with good grip)


Dress change for 2 days along(Light colors preferable, avoid jeans) & few plastic covers to keep wet cloths.(It might Rain)


Water Bottle minimum (2 liters)


Personal medicines if you use any (General first aid would be with host)


Raincoat (optional in case of rains)


Carry Identification card.- Govt recognized one

Safety Dress

Weather Jacket (It’ll get cold at night)


Food/Snacks:dry fruits, energy bars, dates, cashew,citrus fruits,etc.


Insect or mosquito repellent

Skin Care

Carry sunscreen and other skin care proucts

Safety Lights

Carry emergency torch lights and other lighting materials